Jo Dyer dancing

C-12 Emerge Dance Festival 2020

Dance artist Jo Dyer with whom I worked last year, is performing a new dance in London and you’re invited! Save the dates: 3-7th March at The Space, 269 Westferry Rd, London E14 3RS. Tickets are available.

Jo Dyer danced with me last year – on stage in December, and at the Turill Scuplture Garden in May. Here’s the performance details of her new performance group called ‘Merged’.

Merged presents: Undercurrent

Two dancers.

A score.

A re-direction.

Two dancers begin a scored duet; each evening a different third dancer joins the score, re-routing it each time.

An experiment in improvised performance, Undercurrrent includes dancers Josephine Dyer, Katsura Isobe, Jan Lee, Gaelin Little, Maga Radlowska, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot.


Note: Photo from Jo Dyer. Thanks.

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