In-between performance. Dancers Andrew Wood & Jo Dyer with Bruno Guastalla on cello. Photo: Andrew Bell

Photographs of the ‘In-between’ performance by Andrew Bell

Photographer Andrew Bell took some great black & white photos of the in-between performance at the Turrill Sculpture garden on May 25 which you can see here.


The two cellists – Bruno Guastalla & Josie Webber, and the dancers – me (Andrew Wood) and Josephine Dyer performed throughout although not all are shown in every photo!

In the first two photos, you can see cellist Bruno Guastalla and dancers Andrew Wood and Josephine Dyer.

In the third photo with all participants then you see – left to right: cellist Josie Webber; dancers Josephine Dyer and Andrew Wood; with Bruno Guastalla on the right end.

The final three photos show cellist Josie Webber and the dancers Andrew Wood and Josephine Dyer.

Thank-you to Andrew Bell for the use of the photos

Colour photos

There were colour photos of the performance by Karl Wallendszus which you can see in the main article about the ‘in between’ performance.

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