We created a score at the composition and rehearsal session

Composition & rehearsal: ‘in-between’ performance

We had a composition and rehearsal session on Saturday 18 May for the ‘in-between’ performance. Cellists Bruno Guastalla & Josie Webber and the dancers – me and Josephine Dyer, created a score and jammed ideas for the performance the following week.

The initial score for the in-between performance was based on a research proposal which I’d written for the Freiburg Contact Festival.

We worked with the idea of handing-over the leading and following roles between the four of us with suggestions for musical expression emerging too. You can see the score which was written out below or the rather nicer typed-up version!

Flip chart: our revised score for the In-between performance

The location for the inbetween dance was the Turrill Sculpture Garden where we held the Garden Dance in autumn 2018.

‘In-between’ performance details

The ‘In-between’ performance is at the Turrill Sculpture Garden, Summertown Library, Oxford on Saturday 25 May. We danced here last year for our Garden Dance.

Two dancers; two cellists. This performance is a collaboration between cellists Josie Webber and Bruno Guastalla; and the dancers Josephine Dyer and Andrew Wood. There is a space between dancers and musicians which is elastic and malleable: in-between movement and music. In this improvised work, we examine this in-between, and the roles of leading and following.

When: Saturday 25 May 2019

Time: 2-2.30pm

Cost: Free

Where: The Turrill Sculpture garden, in the garden of Summertown Library, Oxford. See map for Summertown Library, South Parade, Summertown, OX2 7JN. The Sculpture Garden is open from 9am to 4pm. The entrance to the Turrill Sculpture Garden – the performance location, is through Summertown library.

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