Torus 2.3.3 - a dance

Torus 2.3.3 – a dance #LandscapeDance #FoundDance #Voluism

This dance was recorded on two occasions in January 2022. While this is a solo performance. It is also a duet. For I dance with the embodied memory of my previous dance. Thus the past is present: always present.

Torus 2.3.3 – a dance

The recordings were made in woodland near Horton-Cum-Studly, Oxfordshire, UK in January 2022. The video is a composite of those dances. The setting of the dance makes a #LandscapeDance

This dance is #FoundDance as it involves dancing with found objects. But more than this – the dance is found, it is found in the objects and in the dancer. The dance is shown, revealed and found.

First dance

In the first dance, I sculpture with my body the torus shape (the tractor tyre). It’s form and volume are revealed with the physical contact of my body with its surface. Just as a sculpture reveals a figure in their sculpting, I reveal the torus in dance. Thus, it comes into existence and being with my movement with it. We call this production – for a performance is a production #Voluism It is more than the contact with its surface although this is present. The dance we know as #ContactImprovisation is now re-contextualised and situated in sculpture.

Second dance

The second dance (I am dressed in blue) has the memory of the first dance. It also reveals the absence of solidity. For what makes a disk into a torus is the absence of solidity in its centre. I am researching and investigating this absence of solidity and making a new volume.

Intersection : composition

The intersection of the forms is the torus. Form: dance form; casting from void.

Visual texture

Visually, you’ll note the cutting to black and fading in-and-out. This is intentional. The cutting to black causes after-images/complementary colours to form. It also mirrors the aural aspects of the woodland – the passing of traffic at the performance. The presence of the medium of film and the surface – our contact with it is sensed, and made presence. The viewer becomes dancer.

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