Success! Thank-you! Crowdfunder 2017

My crowdfunding was successful! Here’s the email sent to the backers of the crowdfunder.

                   == Wednesday 6 December 2017
 Dear friends,
  Thank-you for making a pledge to my dance training crowdfunder. The target of £400 was exceeded by £90, and your contribution has made it possible for me to attend the training with Jorg Hassmann in Germany next month!
  I am completely overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank-you so much. When I set-up the crowdfunding project, I was a little skeptical that it might succeed! While I'm used to publicising dance classes and other events, I felt a little hesitant: it seemed so brazen to ask for pledges of money, and not the sort of thing which we normally do in this country. But it's really fantastic that you entered into the spirit of it and contributed. I most certainly would not be attending the training without you. Once again: thank-you.
  I will be writing up my experience of the training in my dance diary which is here: and posting it on Facebook too. When the diary entries are complete then I'll also message you to let you know. If you opted for a dance class reward then this is provisionally on the afternoon of Sunday 11 February in Oxford, and I'll contact people about it in January.
  I hope you have wonderful break over Christmas and best wishes for 2018.
  All the love in the world to you,
  Andrew Wood, Oxford.


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