Fountain: a dance

Ideas for dance rarely come from nowhere. A few years ago, I saw a fantastic image of a man throwing a handful of small sticks into the air. The photograph had caught the movement, and indeed the moment in time as the sticks were suspended in a ‘stick cloud’. That was my starting point for a dance involving buckets and water.

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Rope tricks: a class with Maga Radlowska – Judd

At the class of London Contact Improvisation on Saturday 15 June, Maga Radlowska – Judd explored the theme of ‘Awaken ‘ninjas’. The use of rope as a teaching aid added another to my list of them used in classes for contact improvisation.

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Composition & rehearsal: ‘in-between’ performance

We had a composition and rehearsal session on Saturday 18 May for the ‘in-between’ performance. Cellists Bruno Guastalla & Josie Webber and the dancers – me and Josephine Dyer, created a score and jammed ideas for the performance the following week.

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